Aminata – Love Injected (Latvia) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Aminata (Aminata Savadogo) has roots in a diverse ethnic and cultural background. Her ancestry is a mix of African and Russian ethnicity, which, together with the broad and inspiring Latvian culture, has influenced her to express her talents in composing and singing since the early childhood.

Lyrics / Paroles / Letra:
You bring
The light
My darkest side, babe

The day
The night
To cure the sight, Oh…

You care
You animate
You guard me bare
Bring up the heart rate

Your love
Revives my soul
And I know
You’ll choose it whole

Your eye’s a good mirror
Look under the cover
Is above all

I’m safe
Into your hands
Let’s move away
The edges expand

Show me the source of the light
I’m becoming affected
Seeing the glow of a white
Is what I have detected

Feeling again I’m alive
It’s your shining reflected
Love injected, love injected

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